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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Blog Ultimatum- Facts you need to know before you start Blogging

In recent times, blogging has developed into a prolific means of moneymaking. With the advancement of technology and the arrival of more and more enhanced means of communication, many people have chosen blogging as a secondary source of income. A few lucky individuals have also become full-time professional bloggers. Multinational behemoths use blogging as a part of their advertising and marketing campaigns.

The term “blog” was coined and popularized by John Barger, an American blogger. It is basically a combination of the words web and log. The first blog was written by the freelance journalist Justin Hall in 1994, while he was still in college. Initially, blogging was considered to be an extended form of diary keeping, but today, it is used for purposes as profound as promotion, inquisition, problem solving and so on.

Hence, blogging has come a long way since the nineties. It will continue to fly high as long as social media and the internet in general continue to play a significant role in people’s lives. A large number of people step into the blogging industry on a regular basis, but find it difficult to

navigate their way through the quirks of the community. So if you are thinking of launching a blog of your own, here are some facts that will help you understand what blogging is all about.

1.    There are mainly two major blogging platforms- WordPress and Blogspot. Of the two, WordPress is more popular, and is used by a larger section of the blogging community, although Blogspot has been functional for longer.

2.    There are around 1.5 billion blogs on the Internet right now. One blog is created every half a second. WordPress plays host to more than 60 million blogs. 60% of the blogs are written in English, while the other popular languages include Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian.

3.    Almost half of the blogging community keeps more than one blog. Most professional bloggers have a minimum of four blogs. However, the number of professional bloggers is very low, accounting for only 27% of the entire community.

4.    Social media plays an important role in a blogger’s life, as it provides a platform for content promotion. It is customary for a professional blogger to be proficient in the use of at least five social media sites.
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5.    A strongly worded blog can influence a purchase. It has been statistically proven that businesses that use blogging as a part of their marketing strategy draw more attention to themselves and to the services they have to offer. Most big and small companies in the USA use blogging to promote their goods/services. The companies that have 51% or more posts on their blogs experience a spike of 77% in median monthly leads.

6.    Out of every 5 bloggers, only 1 updates his/her content n a regular basis. The best time to publish new posts is in the morning, between 7 A.M and 10 A.M, because most of the blogs are read at that time. Professional bloggers devote up to ten hours of their day to their blogs.

7.    Blogging is the only profession that does not require any technical skill. Its only requirements are an active imagination and basic computer/internet knowledge. Thus, the average age bracket of bloggers worldwide is 25-31. If the current boom in social media continues, the numbers will change to 18-36 in another 5 years time.

8.    Google prefers long, detailed content over short posts. The average word count of Google’s highest ranking articles is between 1100 and 1300 words.

9.    Due to the credibility of most bloggers, blogs are regarded as the fifth most reliable source of information available on the internet. This is why new bloggers are encouraged to conduct extended researches on their topics, so that they can provide only authentic information in their articles.

10. Visual posts and images are extremely important. Not only do they get the message across more clearly, but studies also show that blog posts containing videos and images get 94% more hits in comparison to those that do not have any pictures.

11. Although blogging is gradually becoming a popular source of income for young people, it is not easy to earn money from a blog. It requires nifty promotion, noteworthy content and a remarkable amount of patience. Most professional bloggers who have monetized their blogs have been developing it for at least six years. Almost 90% bloggers are not able to earn even $100 from their blogs.

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12. On the bright side, if your blog has good content and is able to flourish, statistics show that you can earn as much as $150,000 each year from blogging.

The blogging industry has experienced a flourish in recent times. It has developed from a mere pastime to a legitimate job. This evolution is definitely due to the growing influence of social media on the masses. As people get familiarized with the concepts of blogs and blogging, the number of emergent blogs shall keep going up. However, blogging is not a secure mode of income from the get go. Therefore, if you are thinking of stepping into the industry, you need to prepare yourself for tough competition, criticism, and quite a few failures. If you make it through the initial period of hardship, you will definitely be rewarded with success soon after. 

What do you think, what blogging is all about? Do share your comments below.


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