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Thursday, 12 October 2017

No Self Ping - An Useful Wordpress Plugin

When we point out distinction between web site and blog, one among the most important advantage of a blog is pinging feature. A blog pings all the pinging service you have got entered into your settings. Specially WordPress. currently obtaining back to trackback feature of WordPress, you'll a trackback once anyone link to your blogpost from his. Similarly, after you link to another blogpost inside a post of yours, it sends a trackback.
To get eliminate this issue, I’m adding an additional plugin to my essential WordPress plugins list: No self ping.

As name suggests, No self ping stop you from pinging your own blog. This plugin comes with no configuration choice and once put in, it'll stop your blog from causation trackback to your own domain.

Though associate degree admin choice panel to exclude a lot of domains would be a handy feature, except for currently this plugin is what you wish if you're bored with your blog causation trackback to same domain.

Do allow us to recognize what methodology you employ to prevent causation trackback to your own blog? does one use No self ping WordPress plugin or another method?

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