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About Blogmysteries

Welcome to Blogmysteries.com – a Blog that helps new bloggers to build a career on the online blogosphere.
My name is Prosenjit Samanta and still now I’m a part time Blogger.

All started from a Hobby

Back in 2016 I came across to an article which was about “Blogging”. I was not having a clear idea of what is it. I found many people earning handsome money from just doing blogging. It strucked me. I thought to explore the opportunities of blogging and slowly I started learning about blogging.
For the next 30 days I read many articles and interviews of the famous bloggers who started their careers from scratch in this blogosphere. Then I made a decision to launch Blogmysteries.com. I thought of putting all my daily updates and learnings here. In short, I was maintaining an online diary about blogging. It became a hobby for me to write something every fortnight.
Presently,I am slowly builting up my blogging into an income source. Here in Blogmysteries, I try to find out all the possibilities to earn from my blog and this will be a great platform for all the new bloggers as I am also new into this industry.
If you want to solve the mysteries of blogging with me and stay updated with the latest information which I discover daily, then don’t forget to join my community. It’s free.

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